FUZE Wireless Charging Cabinet

ClearPower needed a partner to help them integrate a patented wireless charging technology into a charging cabinet capable of charging 31 laptops in classroom and office environments

Case Study Posted

Chris Bray
December 12, 2022

The product is a complicated assembly. We provided industrial design, mechanical engineering, PCBA design, firmware development, component evaluation and selection, CMF recommendations, and all of the DMF required to get the product ready for manufacturing.

Prototyping was an integral part of the process. Prototypes were needed to pass UL testing and also for the ISTE Tradeshow for our customer.

A unique feature of the design we developed was a special laptop case with an integral PCBA and enabled the laptop to charge just by sliding it into the cabinet shelf. No plugin required!

The unit required the design, development, and prototyping of several large PCBA's and assistance in component selection and testing.

Not only were we able to execute on the design and its functionality in time for the ISTE Tradeshow for ClearPower, but they won an award for the product!


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