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Too many companies find themselves forced to choose the ODM (China) development model because of price and they lose out when it comes to IP, customization, and product performance.

U.S. based companies are still the best in the world at this type of design and development, but success and the dominance of certain brands and markets in this space have absorbed many of the resources and driven development prices higher, creating a gap.

At SPEED VIRTUAL PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT we fill this gap for start-ups and mid-sized companies that want their connected devices custom designed by a team of experts at a fair price.

Industrial Design
Who we are

Remote Team of Designers & Engineers

SPEED is a VIRTUAL PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT agency with a global team of remote designers and engineers handpicked for their expertise. Why choose us?

  • We focus on companies like yours with personalized service
  • No million dollar studios - we keep our overhead low
  • Our Industrial Design expertise is as strong as our Electrical Engineering expertise. We do all the work for you from concept to commercialization including prototyping, certification, and supply chain development - all at a fair price
Our Value

Experience Matters

Our clients take comfort knowing their project is backed by decades of experience. Many of our team members were part of the pioneering start of the cellular/wireless/BLE industry and bring that expertise to YOUR product. We make sure your product is expertly designed, feasible to make, and is made of the best performing, most economical and available components possible.


Industrial Design


Competitive benchmarking


Product value propositions

Concept development


Photo realistic renderings

CMF (colors, materials, finishes)

Complex surfacing

CAD development

Mechanical Engineering

Overmold design

Mechanical system design

Complex assemblies

FEA/Mold Fill analysis

Rapid prototyping

DFM (Design for MFG)

Electrical Engineering

Electrical hardware/digital design

Radio frequency design

Antenna design

Software design

PCB CAD design

Rapid prototyping

Certification and approval process

DFM (Design for MFG)

Supply Chain Development

Custom contract manufacturing
Injection molding supply chain
Metal fabrication supply chain
BOM development (Bill of Materials)
Supplier qualification
Testing protocol development
Test fixture design and development


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Design Must Continue To Adapt

We drove aesthetics that would appeal to consumer’s senses.

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